About Me

Hey there, my name is James. Welcome to my website! I’m a huge fanboy of geek/nerd culture, so this website is where I plan to share some of that enthusiasm. If you are into comic books, superheroes, Star Wars, music, TV shows, and movies you are in the right place:)


Please get in contact with me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance.

Email: james_conn@sfu.ca

Community Guidelines

No harassment of others. I want to foster an inclusive community; any sort of hate speech or harassment is never allowed. All conversations should remain civil.

No inappropriate content. This includes inappropriate language, curse words, illegal content, and adult content.

No sensitive topics. Discussions on politics and religion are not appropriate for this community.

No advertisement or self-promotion. Refrain from asking for advertisements.

Don’t be disruptive. Do not spam. Keep comments clean.

Remain respectful. Do not make hateful comments, perpetuate toxic ideologies, or insult other individuals.

Administrator holds the final say. Listen and abide by the community guidelines outlined here.

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