Stock photo of an audience. This photo ties into the prompt of what an imagined audience looks like to you.

If I were to imagine peering threw the screen at my potential readers, I would envision them as fellow nerds like myself. Thats a tad non descriptive, however it is really the only thing that I can think of to describe the kind of community I would want to cultivate.

In the nerd/geek popular culture fandom, everyone expresses their love for these media franchises in different ways and to varying degrees. This does have an effect on my website an inform the design and editorial decisions I try to make. For one, I try to speak with a witty tone to the best of my ability. Years of academic and marketing writing have dulled this aspect but it has been nice to try and sharpen my skills in this regard.

As I progress in this project, I would like to trace back my progression in my effectiveness at speaking to a imagined audience. This could go a long way in my portfolio for future considerations.

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