This is a stock image of a computer monitor with a standard photo of a website. There is a keyboard and mouse below the screen. Wooden wall in the back. There is a green plant in a red pot on the right hand side.

This week I came to a realization.

Up until now, I have been immensely focused on the content that I write for my blog that I have been paying little attention to the design of my website. Amid talking to some of my Pub 101 peers, I felt inadequate in comparison.

I am very proud of the content I have posted, however I need to strive to have a more aesthetically pleasing user interface. The overall format of my blog is lacking when it comes to style. When critically evaluating my pages, they are bland and creatively insufficient.

What am I doing to address this?

I have had discussions with my peers and talked to my TA. I will strive to design the website better from here on out. I need to balance my pages out; create strong symmetry, and better utilize white space. I will work to match the connotations set by my website by being more consistent with formatting and composition. I will also try to create better emphasis via size and colour.

These actions will contribute to an overall better user experience and more aesthetically pleasing website.

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