This is an image of the logo of a third-party Destiny 2 video game website called There is a grey background with a blue diamond surrounded by a yellow circle.

You probably have some websites that you frequently visit. Have you ever looked closely at the design elements? Now that you have completed the design readings and heard Mauve Pagé’s best practices, please pick a website of your choosing and describe what works or doesn’t work. Please post a screencap and the link.


By far one of the webpages I visit every day is This is a third-party website that displays information about the video game Destiny 2. To my understanding this website combs threw the game files of Destiny 2 and its API to showcase information about the game’s activities, gear, collectibles, etc. It is an immensely useful tool that enhances players experience in game since it helps highlight what activities are in rotation, what guns are good to get, and what perks are the best on a certain weapon. Since Destiny 2 consumes a large amount of my time, I usually have this webpage open in a separate tab during gaming sessions.

One of the aspects that works very well for this website is its effective webpage. Front and center viewers can gleam what activities are in rotation for that day, what its rewards are, what gear and mods vendors are selling, etc. Furthermore, drop down menus are present which allow people to click them and get even more information on the aforementioned items.

Additionally, the website has a clean categories menu that I have subconsciously replicated on my website. There are six categories with subcategories that have a plethora of information and pages that spout all kinds of information. With all the information that is catalogued on this website, these menus and categories make navigating its vastness very easy.

Moreover, the individual pages for pieces of gear are very well laid out with images and selection boxes for mods and weapon perks. It is very intuitive to navigate and choose what different weapon rolls you want to look at.

I did not realize until reading the prompt of this question that I might have modelled my websites layout after since there are noticeable similarities in the categories and menus section. Considering that I spend a lot of time on this page it is completely passible that I might have been inspired by it.

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