This is a stock image of a computer monitor with a standard photo of a website. There is a keyboard and mouse below the screen. Wooden wall in the back. There is a green plant in a red pot on the right hand side.

For this week I will keep this one fairly short. Amidst, seeing many of my peers beautiful websites, I have been looking into making my website more aesthetically pleasing. I will try to have these edits implemented soon. The only thing that is tripping me up on this front is that I don’t want my website to look like a template. I am trying to achieve a more unique format, but it is proving challenging trying to deploy it.

As usual, I am focusing a lot on my content. I am greatly proud of the public posts I have made thus far. These instances are very fun and are by far the most enjoyable part of this website project.

Finally, I have done some work on the backend of WordPress when making my posts. For example, I am utilizing tags more efficiently. Also, I am trying my best to implement more accessibility by consistently adding alt text, however this is not enough and I am looking to add an accessibility plug in.

Hopefully next week I can implement all the changes I outlined above.

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