Week 3 Process Post and Mini Assignment #1

This is the popular Bill Clinton album meme. It has the Spider-Verse, 5SOS5 album cover, Andor poster, and Destiny 2 posters surrounding him.

I feel like I have the worst luck when it comes to WordPress… let me explain.

When our Pub 101 class got assigned our website project, I was strangely excited. I felt that my work and personal experience in the past would greatly help in this respect. However, when I got home and tried to register for a domain, I was struct with a vast amount of anxiety from the registering process alone. After speaking with the professor and TA I felt a bit less anxious, however a new issue would arise. Long story short, I was logging into WordPress threw CPanel which was causing log in errors, which would then subsequently time me out of my account. Again, after consoling with the TA I was able to figure it out. That leads me today, where I am now able to finally start fleshing out my page.

I decided to create categories that would allow me to organize the geeky/nerdy things I want to talk about, and list them in a menu at the top of my page. This idea came from a very helpful online tutorial I watched.

After following many of the steps this YouTuber laid out, I then started writing a few of my posts which can be checked out on this page. However, I needed to make an About page, but was struggling to format it. Up until now I only really knew how to make a post, but I needed to edit a page. This is where another online video came in handy.

As it stands right now, I feel like I have the necessary building blocks to help craft my website. I know I will strengthen the page as the weeks go on and build upon the foundation that has been laid. The vision board from Week 1’s process post was definitely instrumental in the formulation of the direction I am taking the page. My vision board indicated that I love video games, comic books, TV shows, movies, etc. which is the bedrock upon what my site is about. Additionally my strengths listed on the vision board are writing and design which I hope will come more into play soon.

Alright, Mini Assignment time.

Within the prompt of the assignment, I need to craft a meme that reflects me or my blog… so here it is:

This is the popular Bill Clinton album meme. It has the Spider-Verse, 5SOS5 album cover, Andor poster, and Destiny 2 posters surrounding him.

Forgive the messy editing. If you refer to my Week 1 process post you will know that my main PC is broken at the moment so I do not have the tools to edit things extensively. This quick Canva edit will need to suffice for now. However, i think this meme represents me and this page quite well. This outdated meme template was popular for highlighting albums that people hold close to them. I repurposed it to showcase some of the stuff I love and that I will talk about on my page. In the top left is a picture of Spider-Man Into the Spider-verse which I absolutely LOVE and exemplifies my love for comic books, superheroes, and movies. The top right is a picture of 5 Seconds of Summer’s 5SOS5 album which recently came out and has me obsessed, and highlights my love for music. The bottom left is the Star Wars Disney+ show Andor which I have reviewed on this page. Star Wars means so much to me, and Andor feels so fresh and mature which has me super engaged and highlights my love for Star Wars and TV shows. And finally, the bottom right is the video game Destiny 2 which consumes endless hours of my life, yet I still adore it; and highlights my love for video games.

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