Week 2 Process Post: Encounter with stranger and digital presence/vision board 

An image of a person struggling with a broken computer PC.

Apologies for the late process post, I was couldn’t find my way out of the depths of bankruptcy amid every electronic device I own deciding to completely break down last week. However, Im here and ready to tackle my Week 1 process post.

As previously mentioned, many of my devices decided to crap out on me last week which resulted in me having many interactions with tech support individuals, costumer service representatives, etc. Therefore, for this weeks process post I would like to share an interaction I had talking to a stranger while dying inside from tech failure despair.

The first electronic to die on me was my beloved custom built PC. Over a year ago I made my first step into the PC master race of gaming; and for that sweet amount of time I enjoyed every second of my 1440p 144fps gaming experience. However, in recent weeks my computer would start to black-screen and suddenly restart. Furthermore, whenever the PC would be in an idle state it would shut off. I glanced over these issues since strangely when I was in a game these instances would never occur. However, on one fateful day I went to boot up my PC and was greeted with a black empty void on my screen. I searched online how to fix it and subsequently spent gruelling amounts of hours trying to troubleshoot the issue, however I came up blank. Moreover, I called numerous tech repair shops as to see if they could assist me in diagnosing the error. Most shops didn’t have much to offer over the phone, but then I spoke to the stranger that inspired this process post. His name was Raymond and he was the owner of a local electronic repair shop. He took a great interest in the PC’s issues and was very friendly. He offered to take a look at the PC if I brought it into his store. Upon arriving in his shop, this stranger proceeded to tear down the components of my PC as to figure out which part was causing the issue. I was able to watch the process while making small talk and answering a few of his questions. In the end, he determined it was the motherboard that was causing the errors.

Reflecting on my interaction with Raymond the stranger, I find myself thinking that our in-person conversation was greatly beneficial to helping diagnosis the issue with the PC. Being in the same area facilitated us getting in-depth with each component on the faulty motherboard, which led him to determining it as the main culprit. If my conversation with Raymond was strictly online, I don’t foresee him being able to help me as effectively as he could.

Switching gears from my encounter with a stranger, I would like to outline my digital presence. If you were to search my name with SFU you will probably find a few articles I have written for SFU FAS and The Peak. Additionally, my social media accounts are all private except for an Instagram account I run that serves as a fan account for nerd culture.

Vision Board:

  • What I love
    • Video Games
    • Comic books
    • TV Shows
    • Movies
  • What my strengths are
    • Writing
    • Design
  • What the world needs
    • Kindness
  • What I get paid for
    • Nothing

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