Fan art of myself in the Iron Man armor with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Upon mapping out my website, I really gravitated towards the idea of supporting a streamlined layout where the menus at the top of the page clearly lists categories. Additionally, the home page can be the master feed, and category pages can be their own specific feed. I have already implemented this, and will continue to refine and perfect it as the days go on.

The first category in my aforementioned menu is where my Pub 101 content/assignments will live. This category will include a drop down menu with subcategories organized by weeks (ex: Week 1, Week 2, etc.). Each week will be populated by the weekly process post, in addition to any mini assignments or full assignments that fall within that week’s timeframe. I strongly believe that this organizing scheme will support the readability, navigation, and accessibility of the website while also facilitating better structure of the overall Pub 101 requirements.

When it comes to social media presence in correlation with my website, I have already had an online presence that is along the lines of this project called TheFreakForce on Instagram. As I have not posted on this account in around a year, I think I could help revive my interest in it while also helping to bolster this website project. Perhaps a name change would make things more cohesive. I am also interested in a TikTok for the assignment. In my professional employment I edited a few short form videos that make me apt in making TikTok style videos. Perhaps I could experiment there as well.

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