This is a stock image of a computer monitor with a standard photo of a website. There is a keyboard and mouse below the screen. Wooden wall in the back. There is a green plant in a red pot on the right hand side.

This week I wanted to outline some of the content I have been working on for my website.

Our Peer Review #3 was due this week, and I had the pleasure of reviewing Knitting After Hours. This blog was great! They effectively utilize social media alongside their blog which is very admirable. This has me thinking about trying to implement this into my blog’s communication strategy. However, I am a very private person so I approached this assignment from the lens of staying relatively small and anonymous. Nevertheless, the blog I peer reviewed is really inspiring and has me wanting to replicate some of its approaches.

On a separate note, I watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on November 11! I have been trying to write a review for the film that I can post here, but I find myself getting stuck on what I want to say. This is such a deep and culturally impactful film, so I really want to offer a substantive review. With all the other reviews I have posted here, my thoughts were extremely easy to gather and condense on the page. But this film is different and deserves a more thorough write-up.

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