What It Is Like Watching a Concert at The Movie Theatre

Image of Coldplay: Music Of The Spheres Live Broadcast from Buenos Aires poster. It shows band members vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion.

The massively successful record-breaking band Coldplay recently had a live broadcast of one of their concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina from their “Music Of The Spheres” world tour. I was able to check it out over the weekend and thought it was pretty cool. However, what stuck with me was the overall theatre experience at the cinema.

My girlfriend dragged me out to this showing because she loves Coldplay. Her music taste often skews more towards lesser-known indie artists, but paradoxically they are her favourite band. Honestly, I’m indifferent to them. I like a few of their singles, however I find some of their discography either mind-numbingly cringey or insanely boring. Me and my girlfriend often banter back and forth about the merits of the band. It mostly just boils down to me teasing her and the band because I’m inconsiderate and insufferable. Nevertheless, I love that she is so passionate about Coldplay, so it was a fun experience accompanying her to the show.

The concert was a jaw dropping spectacle! The stadium in Buenos Aires was absolutely packed, and there were pretty lights and fireworks constantly going off. Coldplay’s setlist featured some of their greatest hits along with tracks off their “Music Of The Spheres” album.

My theatre seemed to get insanely hyped when Coldplay brought on stage JIN, one of the members of BTS. I’m not too familiar with BTS, however I know that Coldplay and the South Korean K-pop group worked together on Coldplay’s single My Universe. But instead of playing that song together, JIN performed a song called The Astronaut which was a tribute to BTS fans amid the band members enlisting into the South Korean military. Although I have no way of confirming this, I suspect that many of the people in my crowd were only BTS stans coming to this Coldplay concert to see JIN perform.

Notably, the band sent their love and support to the fearless protestors in Iran fighting for their human rights by performing Baraye, a beautiful song by Shervin Hajipour inspired by the protest currently happening in Iran over the theocratic government’s atrocities. The cover was performed with Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahni and served as a powerful tribute to the people of Iran.

Overall, it was a uniquely enjoyable atmosphere in the theatre. Everyone there was clapping and singing along. It initially felt strange to be cheering at the cinema, but quickly that feeling subsided, and I just went along with it. There were a few audience members who got up and danced which was really fun to see. However, something that annoyed me was all the camera flashes. People were taking pictures and videos throughout the show, with some using the flash on their phones which was extremely jarring. Though normal theatre etiquette was not present at the show, so I can’t really complain.

Coldplay: Music Of The Spheres Live Broadcast from Buenos Aires warmed my heart. I got to experience a group of Coldplay (and BTS) fans come together and enjoy some admittedly good music in an electric atmosphere. Not to mention I gained a lot of respect for Coldplay due to their environmentally friendly tour and humanitarian effort.

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