Wow, Andor is truly incredible!

Poster of the Disney+ Star Wars series title: Andor. Has actor Diego Luna as the titular Cassian Andor.

Review of Episodes 1-3

Last week Star Wars fans were treated to a three episode premier for the new Disney+ series: Andor. The titular character Cassian Andor was first introduced in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) played by Diego Luna; where he helped steal the Empire’s Death Star plans so that the Rebel Alliance could mount a daring mission to destroy the deadly super weapon. Andor takes place five years before these events and will reveal how Cassian went from a thief to the Rebel spy who assisted in dealing a massive blow to the Empire.   

With this show being a spin off of Rogue One, it is tangentially connected to the overall Star Wars franchise, however the show feels incredibly unique and unlike any other project we have experienced in this universe up until now. For one, the show is deliberately slow paced which allows it to methodically take its time in setting up the gritty and complex plot. Its science fiction neo-noir spy thriller narrative is gripping and mature, and showcases content and themes that deviate from the established norms (Jedi, Stormtroopers, Baby Yoda, etc.) surrounding Star Wars and deviate from the usual Disney+ storytelling status quo. Additionally the mesmerizing sets for the fictional locations: “Morlana One”, “Ferrix”, and “Kenari” elevate the settings of the show making the audience feel truly immersed in these worlds. These factors coalesce into a show that makes viewers feel like they are experiencing a living, breathing place with realistically raw characters. Not to mention these three episodes showcase some stellar performances by the amazing cast and are underscored by fantastic music that greatly compliments the spy-thriller atmosphere the show takes place in. 

All in all, Andor’s three episode premier massively impressed me with its top of the line visuals, mature narrative, and gripping performances. I’ve loved almost every Star Wars show and movie before, but Andor as a package contains dark and gritty themes that to me make this the most exciting Star Wars project to watch. I can’t wait to tune in week to week to see where this story takes us! 

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